How to get naturally long nails? – With love and care

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Getting beautiful long natural nails can take weeks. I genuinely wish I could tell you something more exciting. But I can’t. There is no magic trick to grow them faster other than extensions. (That is alright if you can find a good nail stylist.)

If you are reading this article, you probably do not have long nails (yet), so you have two main options to choose from:

  1. You go to the nail salon and get them done with gel or acrylics, or
  2. Give your natural nails a bit of time and caring love daily. Wait a few weeks and grow them naturally.

Let me jump into the details for each one.

Nail Salon – Gel or Acrylic Nails

If you consider visiting a nail salon, that is super fine, but it’s also crucial to find a good one. In fact, search for the best one you can find in your neighbourhood.

Nails extended with gel or acrylic can be gorgeous, but 80 % of them on the streets look like crap. Too thick, superficially shaped and without finishing details. Sorry for being harsh, but that is the truth. A true nail stylist is an artistic soul obsessed with proportions and details.

Remember that a good and skilled nail technician can make you a set of shorter extensions even with quality gel polish.

Don’t: never go to the nail salon thinking you will get your nails extended with gel (or acrylic) and then let your nails continue to grow.

It won’t work. Why not? Because gel (or acrylic) isn’t meant for short-term but long-term wear. Putting them on and again off a few weeks later would leave you with unnecessary scratches on the nail plate. 

Natural long nails

If you failed to grow your natural nails until now, you obviously need to do some things differently in the future.

Most nail problems can be solved with just a few changes in eating habits, taking extra vitamins, choosing better products or taking extra care of your nails.

Let’s go.

  1. Improve your eating habits
  2. Drink a lot of water
  3. Start filing nails as you should
  4. Apply a lot of Cuticle Oil
  5. Protect your hands and nails

1.) Improve Your Eating Habits

Define the problem and eat more foods that are good for your nails.

Below you can find the most common problems and suggestions for what your body is missing and where you can start today.

Slow growth, weak nails?

Zinc, proteins

Splitting and brittle nails?

Proteins, vitamin B2, calcium, magnesium, silicon, iodine, and iron


Furrows that run along the length are regular in adults and increase with age. Long lines can also cause diseases such as psoriasis and frostbite. Those that run through the width of the nail can be due to high fever, pregnancy, lack of zinc or measles in childhood.

White Dots: 

Zinc and silicon

Skin exfoliation around the nail: 

Carotenoids, vitamin A

Where can we find them?


Peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, egg yolks, beef liver, milk, curd, nuts, sesame seeds, brown rice, soy, lentils, avocado, sweet potato, cauliflower


Oysters and all seafood, lamb, wheat germ, veal liver, beef roast, pork, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sardines in oil, and lentils


Millet, oats, barley, rice, wheat, onion, and red beet


Liver, red meat, egg yolk, oysters, pulses, hazelnuts, oatmeal, and fish


Smoked mackerel, shellfish, crustaceans, salmon, milk, onions

Vitamin B1

Peas, oranges, cornflakes, potatoes, pork, peanuts, milk, and sunflower seeds

Vitamin B2

Beef, poultry, eggs, yoghurt, milk, Brussels sprouts, almonds, nuts, and cornflakes

Vitamin E

Wheat germ oil, almonds, soybeans, eggs, oatmeal, peanuts, avocado


Carrots, peppers, chilli, tomatoes, shrimp, spinach, red onions, watermelon, melon, parsley

Flavonoids and vitamin C

Berries (cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries…), red beet, eggplant, grapefruit, lemon, chocolate, green tea


All types of meat and fish, milk products, soybeans, whey, and soybean protein drinks, pulses

Dietary supplements designed for pregnant women are great for the nails. For me, Jamieson’s Prenatal multivitamin has been great. I have been taking them for a few months now, and my nails are stronger than ever.

2.) Drink a lot of water

We all know that we cannot live without water. Dehydration also affects your nails, so drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

3.) Start Filing Nails as You Should

Is super easy if you learn how to do it right. Get the correct nail file (check the post The best nail files for natural nails) and start filing as you should.

YES: Always file in one direction only! The best way is from the side to the centre, so the nails will not tear or split. The edges of the nail must be perfectly smooth, which can be done with a 240-grit nail file.

NO: Never start filing wet nails (right after a shower, swimming or doing dishes). When in water, nails get soft and can be damaged easily.

4.) Apply a Lot of Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oils are super crucial for moisturizing the skin. It is best to daily massage it into the nail and cuticle.

Why is it so important? Well, it improves nail growth and protects the skin around the nail. Because the cuticle becomes more healthy, nails become more flexible, moisturized, and resilient. Cuticle oil also prevents hangnails because it shrinks and tightens the cuticle.

I would recommend any one of these three:

  • Organic Dadi’Oil (my personal favourite ⭐️)
  • SolarOil (CND)
  • OPI Cuticle Cream

5.) Protect Your Hands and Nails

There are some golden rules to follow if you are not born with rock-hard nails and want to have them healthy, natural, and long.

  • Only do the dishes or cleaning with household gloves. You will thank me later.
  • Do not use nails as tools (scratching old tape from the table or food residues off the plate, cleaning your phone case…). Just don’t.
  • If you live in a country with cold winters, wear gloves and use a lot of hand creme (best with Shea butter or similar).
  • Use acetone-free nail polish removal with oils added. Even when you don’t want to wear coloured nail polish, use some kind of clear coat to protect nails from water, sun rays, scratches, etc.

Take care! <3


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